Spending: needs vs. wants

Summer is here (yay?). With the kids out of school (assuming you have kids, as I do), it’s a good time to take an hour or two, hunker down, and decide how you’re going to alter your summer finances to accommodate the change.

Stay cool without exploding your electric bill

I hate a hot house. Hate it. But I also hate a house that’s so cold you have to layer up in July. With that in mind, here are some things you can do to keep your house cool while not running the air conditioning.

Simple solutions for an inexpensive summer

Recently, some friends with older kids—meaning kids in their mid-to-late teens—were trying to figure out what to do for July 4th. The kids wanted to go to the big fireworks displays. The adults, long since burned out on crowds, heat, and loud noises, came up with a solution: Let the kids borrow the SUV, go into Boston to the Hatch Shell, and have a night of it watching the rockets’ red glare.