Delete Your Facebook Account


With your explicit approval, Namu uses your name, email, and profile photo from Facebook to facilitate Facebook login into Namu. To disconnect this login link and remove the aforementioned Facebook data from Namu, follow the steps below.

Remove Facebook Link to Namu

Once logged in to Namu, go to the User menu, and select Account Settings as shown below.

Acct settings user menu

From the sub-nav on the left side, select the Account & Password menu item.

Acct and pw menu

Click the Disconnect button next to Facebook. This will stop the data link between Namu and Facebook. Note that though data will stop flowing, this Disconnect button will not remove the Namu 1099 app listing from your Facebook account. If you want to clean up your Facebook account further, you must log into your Facebook account and remove the Namu 1099 app manually from your app list.

Disconnect FB button

If you run into issues or have any questions about this integration or removal, please click the chat link.