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Running your freelance business is hard. Managing your finances shouldn’t be.


We help all of you courageous risk takers who choose to be self-employed (solopreneurs) with the management of your finances so you can focus on doing what you love.

Why Namu

Taxes are confusing

Accountants are expensive

You’re busy

Let’s be real: Accounting and taxes are stressful and likely no one taught you how to do them well.

Freelancing sounds great until you have to sift through hundreds of documents to figure out your income, expenses and taxes.

Accountants are expensive. Other tools are too complex and not made for you. You have too much on your plate.

The end result: You probably end up overpaying or underpaying your taxes.

Tired of following up on invoices and tracking expenses?


You’re manually checking emails and your bank account to keep tabs on your payments.
You’re compiling excel sheets to keep track of your income and expenses so that you know where you stand.
But it’s all eating up your precious time.
Time that could be spent on growing your business.


How Namu Works

Connect your bank accounts


Simply link any bank and credit card accounts used business income and expenses.

Quickly itemize biz expenses


Time is money – save hours on this tedious task, Namu will automatically generate a preferred itemized tax deduction form on a monthly basis. 

Namu provides a snapshot of your estimated taxes


Namu will automatically gather all your transactions and calculate your quarterly estimated taxes, this way you always know what you owe.

You’re investing in your business, but not in your future.

Other jobs might provide retirement benefits, but as an independent earner, you’re on your own.
No one is on the lookout for you but you.
Saving for retirement can save you money on taxes AND secure your future.
But you’re not sure how you can set up an account and how much you need to put aside every month.
That’s our job – we’re here to help you start saving for retirement.

I am amazed at how easily the app figures out my estimated taxes! I finally don’t have to worry about over-spending my tax money and now know how much to send to the IRS every quarter.

Howie See
Owner, Strategic F1 Consulting

Namu Pricing

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$5 / month

Some features include:

  • Design and create unlimited invoices
  • Create invoice templates
  • Mini-CRM with unlimited agencies, clients, and projects
  • Add logo and custom message to invoices
  • Save invoices as PDF
  • Preview before sending invoice by email
  • Add multiple recipients to invoices
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Receive credit card payments online via Stripe
  • Customize payment terms


$10 / month

Everything in BASIC plus:

  • Download credit card and bank transactions
  • Tag transactions with categories
  • Link deposits with invoices to mark as paid
  • Link expenses with invoices for billing
  • Separate business from personal transactions
  • Scanned receipts can be added to transactions †
  • Prepare and send Schedule C report to tax preparers †
  • Detailed income and expense reports †


$15 / month

Everything in STANDARD plus:

  • Automatically calculate federal and FICA estimated taxes
  • Automatically calculate state and local estimated taxes
  • Add spouse’s income/expenses for taxes
  • Track estimated taxes paid and past due
  • Automatically link income and expenses to tax planner
  • Track your marginal and average tax rates in tax dashboard
  • Calculate optimal retirement savings amount

*Your monthly fee is very likely tax deductible, so it will cost you less than the stated price after taxes.
*Sales tax will be added to all plans.
†Feature coming soon.